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USSSA Select baseball- Texas South - Galveston

USSSA Select Baseball- Texas South

We believe in and teach rotational hitting.  I've watched numerous hitters and I can pick up on most mistakes.  BUT, do they(player) understand?  We video so we can show the player and the team so they can SEE what they are doing, right and wrong.  Most players do not realize they are rolling their wrist, lunging forward until they are shown the video.  VIDEOS don't lie. As a coach, it helps me pick up on things I may miss also.

Living in North Carolina, basketball was a very big part of growing up.  I refer our kids to Jim Valvano's Espy speech every year.  Time is precious and you should play like you mean it and we should never give up.  Hard work will pay off and there is a time and a place for fun and games and a time for work.  On the field we will work hard and practice the way we want to play.  No one on our team has a SET position.  Every week that position must be earned or they will lose it.  If your child plays for us, he practices, pays on time, he will play in the games.  We don't want you here for the money, we want you here to learn and be a part of our team.  I believe every kid talented enough, should be able to play select. We will keep our cost low to ensure anyone can afford it.  This is about the PLAYERS.  Our time as adults playing the game is over.  We want the kids to learn, give them the opportunity to improve BUT let them play.  It's their turn to make memories. It is not ours to live our memories through our kids.  Sometimes we forget that as adults but as a coach, I will always try to put the player first.  

I played and started/lettered in Football, Baseball and Wrestling.  In High School, I had an injury on the field where I broke my lower back and my sports ended quickly.  It took a year to recover and start over.  In college, I played intramural baseball and competitive baseball/softball.  When I tore my bicep and labrum, my  playing days were over for good.  I've had numerous injections and surgery to try and repair the damage.  That is why my players are NOT allowed to throw a baseball until we warm up.  Not warm up throwing a baseball, we warm up the entire body to help prevent any injuries.  I also teach and talk to them about playing hard and giving it their all, as you don't know when your playing days will end.  But it's their game to play, it's just ours to teach them and guide them. 

I am a certified Epstein instructor.  We use the same principles and video analysis to review hitters swing.  Schedule your lesson today!