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USSSA Select baseball- Texas South - Galveston

USSSA Select Baseball- Texas South

Pitching/Hitting Lessons- Softball and Baseball
(Our clients come from Friendswood, League City, Clear Lake, Dickinson, Texas City, Santa Fe, and Galveston!)

Certified Epstein Instructor
Does your player have some bad habits with their hitting? 
NOW is the time to work on it! 
(Bat Drag, rolling their hands, pulling their head out)
During the off season is the perfect time to work on/modify their swing so that they will be ready when the season starts!  Correct repetition is the only way to modify their swings.  We video and provide analysis so they can see and learn to correct their swing!  We do work with Softball players.  Hitting and pitching is a process, there isn't a magic drill or happen over night. 

Private Lessons

Lessons:      $50 for Initial visit. (45 minutes to discuss expectations                                                                     and swing analysis.)
. 30 minutes OR
                       5- 30min. lessons(150 minutes) -$160           

                 $35ea 1hr. Semi-Private lessons(2-players+$15 for 3rd player)

If you are wanting pitching AND hitting, we suggest 45min which would be 1.5 lessons if doing a package or add $17 to a 30minute lesson. 

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  ONLY click which lesson you are looking at for available times and request your times!

I work with a LOT of younger players.(7yrs old and up)  We may plan on 45minutes but they may not be up to it that day.  That's why we sell our packages by minutes.  I want to get the most out of them that we can but not wasting any of your time if they are struggling to stay focused.  If you have any questions, just ask!

Our initial visit will start off with setting expectation for the player and what they/you expect out of the lessons.  We'll then proceed to evaluate their swings and start some homework to help them establish their goals.  Baseball is a process and establishing a routine is key.  Weekly lessons will help reinforce good habits and minimizes bad ones.

Some of our current lessons have played in their High School State Tournaments, won home run derbies and play up in their age groups!

(Our program isn't for everyone and we realize that.  I expect kids ready to listen and work OUTSIDE the lessons.  If we don't see progress and commitment, your player maybe dropped from our program.)

(Private lessons are either at our field or Professional Baseball Academy's indoor facility at 4501 Goar St. Bld D.Dickinson)
Most of our kids come from League City, Friendswood, and Texas City.

I teach Epstein principles, which is rotational hitting. (Baseball and Softball)  Lessons will be held at the field at High Land Bayou or PBA cages in Dickinson.  Most of the lesson will consist of T work, Swing away machine and video.  We will progress to live pitch and Casey 3g Pitching machine.  Nothing can beat T work and repetition.   I video some private lessons so I can play back what the hitter is doing and they can see exactly what we are talking about.   Contact us today to schedule your lesson. 

Pitching, we teach using Dick Mills principles teaching Velocity.  Starting by leading with the hips and building torque through the body.  We video and playback so players can see what they are doing and if they are separating and building the torque needed to throw hard.  Arms can only throw so hard, you need the entire body to throw your hardest.

I am a certified Epstein instructor, using Mike and Jake's principles of rotational hitting.

ONLY chose which lesson you are looking for, and click the box for available days and times.  You do not need to sign up to request a time, Only email and phone #.
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This is a sample of a batting practice that has been videoed. We try to video often so they can see what they are doing right OR wrong.  We will also place them beside a MLB players at times, so they can compare swings. Your video analysis last between 3-7minutes and is included in the price.  And Batting isn't just for guys!  Girls softball swings the same way and we can help them also!