Bay Area Bears
USSSA Select baseball- Texas South - Galveston

USSSA Select Baseball- Texas South

Background information

We started Bay Area Bears in March of 2013.  We are a TRUE AA team.  Majority of our players are new to the select level.  Over 80% have never had private lessons.  When we started Spring 2013, they only had a power rating of 202.  This Fall, we just finished with a power rating of 577.  That's a big improvement, but it's not where we want to be.  Last year, we started late and really the kids weren't ready.  We improved in the Fall through hard work and sticking to the basics.  We are a couple of players from being a solid winning team.  In 2015, our 12u team took 2nd at the AllState Tournament and 1st at the Last Call Tournament.  If you look at our teams records, it always shows improvements from the start to the end.  We truly DEVELOP players! 

I played and started/lettered in Football, Baseball and Wrestling.  In High School, I had an injury on the field where I broke my lower back and my sports ended quickly.  It took a year to recover and start over.  In college, I played intramural baseball and competitive baseball/softball.  When I tore my bicep and labrum, my  playing days were over for good.  I've had numerous injections and surgery to try and repair the damage.  That is why my players are NOT allowed to throw a baseball until we warm up.  Not warm up throwing a baseball, we warm up the entire body to help prevent any injuries.  I also teach and talk to them about playing hard and giving it their all, as you don't know when your playing days will end.  But it's their game to play, it's just ours to teach them and guide them. 

Our monthly fees are half to a third of what most teams pay.  We feel that select ball should be for anyone that is dedicated to the game.  We have 4 fields to coach from, batting cage, pitchers area and a Casey 3g pro pitching machine!  All of our tournaments are local, usually at Jack Brooks, Big League Dreams, or Carlos Garza.  Tournaments are $50 and we try to play every 2-3 weeks(Spring Season).  We provide our players with the newest composite bats and helmets.  Come out and take a look.  Our tryouts are full practices.  Anyone can hit or miss a few balls.  I want to see them interact and play.    We don't charge anything until we both have made a commitment.  Email us for anymore details or questions!

We play our kids!  That's right, if you make our team, practice and pay, you will PLAY!  Not everyone plays the same amount of time but we play our players.  No one has "secured" position either.  Every week you have to earn that position.  You can play on the best team in the State but if your child is riding the pine, what are they getting out of it!  Reps is needed at this young age.  Come check us out.